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test your new site before it goes live

Get instant access to your new website

No DNS or server modifications needed, works on any webhost

No configuration required

Works without editing your /etc/hosts file

Test your site on any devices

Simply enter your unique address into any browser you like

Share with your co-workers and clients

Just provide them your generated address, no special skills needed

Please enter your server address and the website name which should be requested

The server can be specified as IP address or a domain name pointing to it. The website name must match the one configured on the server.


frequently asked questions

Why do i need it?

The service is designed towards web developers and adminisrators who perform website migration between hosts. It allows to access the site at the new location without any system or DNS modifications, so you and your clients can easlily test it before repointing the domain.

How does it work?

The server address and the website name are stored in our database. When your unique link is accessed, our intermediate host connects to specified server, queries the website and rewrites the original links in the response body to the testing ones so the site contents is fully preserved.

What do i enter into the form?

The server to query can be entered as IP address or as any domain name which points to it. The website name is the domain configured on the webserver -- it's ok if it currently doesn't exist or points somewhere else.

Is it free?

Yes it is. No registration required. Just fill in the form, get your testing URL and start working!

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